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Major Disaster Contingency Plan

  • In a time of crisis, the following steps will be taken in order to serve our customers:
  • All available staff (including salesmen and office managers) will be called in.
  • The most popular and/or accessible items will be logistically setup for pickups or deliveries at a signified area.
  • All orders for major financial institutions, schools, hospitals and nursing homes will be marked for deliveries.
  • Communication with such customers will be held.
  • Orders will be condensed into several routes, plotted out by area.
  • ID badges for our drivers will be attained from police for access to restricted areas.
  • If the situation is to extend to several days, we will prepare further to insure our key customers get service in the same fashion.

The above steps will be performed to the best of our abilities. Changes to this plan may change as conditions present themselves during such situations. Using the extensive staff and resources available to us, we are committed in servicing our customers in every way possible.


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